NIO was Granted with TÜV SÜD ISO 26262:2018 ASIL C Product Certificate


On July 5, NIO’s 180kW EDS was granted by TÜV SÜD the certificate of functional safety product (ISO 262622018 ASIL C) .NIOs Senior VP, Alan ZENG, EDS R&D team and TÜV SÜD Greater China’s Senior VP, Jan SUN and the management attended the certification ceremony.

When NIO’s EDS obtained the certificate of Process functional safety (ISO 26262:2018 ASIL D) in November 2020,  the EDS R&D and industrialization team started the preparation for product functional safety certification. In 2021, the COVID in China has been back and forth and each region’s epidemic prevention and control policies have affected the progress with partners. In particular, the system, software and hardware bench tests had been hindered due to Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control policies since mid-March this year. During the lockdown, the team members did a lot of demonstration and rehearsal of the test specifications and preparation. Test engineers entered the labs 1 month before the work resumption, working and living on site. Through cross-functional collaboration, all the tests were completed before the returning of whole stuff. with relentless efforts of the team for more than 1 year, the DOVID impact to the certification has been minimized and and the capability of EDS team have been significantly improved by the accomplishment of process to product functional safety certification.

Benefited from platform design concept, 180kW EDS is compatible with induction motor and permanent magnet motor, also could support  different applications of Si based IGBT module and SiC MOSFET module; Realizing vehicle function safety goals according to global market applications, R&D team achieved system optimization design among  development efficiency, availability and cost; Based on agile development, the software and hardware decoupling is realized to ensure that the software can iterate quickly based on the hardware function modules.

Certification of product functional safety covers multiple key areas such as system development, software development, hardware development, manufacturing, service assurance and functional safety management. Therefore, this certification demonstrates NIO’s full-stack development and industrialization capabilities for EDS development, which will enable continuous iterations of EDS products to fulfil vehicle application requirements and provide end users driving experience with strong power, high efficiency and excellent NVH performance.