The XPT PM EDS is equipped with a completely self-developed permanent magnet synchronous motor, with efficiency as high as 96.7%. The modular and platform-based design structure supports flexible expansion of power and frees up more space in the chassis. It can be assembled in forward or reverse directions, providing coaxial, parallel shaft and highly co-shell product solutions to support different drive configurations such as front drive, rear drive and four-wheel drive of the whole vehicle.

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210 kW Ultra-High Efficiency EDS

It comes with a highly integrated 3-in-1 light-weight housing, applies SiC power modules to greatly improve power density and efficiency, and adopts outstanding magnetic circuit design for the motor combined with an optimized architecture to improve its NVH performance.


Peak Power



Peak Torque



Max Speed


XPT 100-200kW PM EDS

XPT 160kW PM EDS is powered by a high-efficiency PM motor featuring flat wire winding technology with a high copper space factor, and the EDS’s efficiency is up to 94%. It can be mounted in the forward or reverse direction and supports different drive options, including FWD, RWD and AWD. This system can be combined with other electric drive systems of different types and power parameters to provide more diverse and economical options for vehicles.

  • <90 (kg)


  • L475*W492*H334 (mm)


  • 100-200 (kW)

    EM Peak Power

  • 250-380 (Nm)

    EM Peak Torque

  • 16000 (rpm)

    EM Max. Speed

  • > 94%

    EDS Max Efficiency

  • CISPR25 Class3

    EMC Performance

  • WOT condition< 80dB

    NVH Performance

  • ASIL C

    Functional Safety

  • 10.48

    Gear Ratio

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