NIO ET7 Electric Drive System Wins the Award of World Top 10 EDS


On March 27, Carbingo Academy announced the winners of the Second World Top 10 EDS Award at the headquarters of China Machine Press. The NIO ET7 electric drive system claimed the award. Richy Bi, NIO’s assistant vice president and head of System & Integration Department of Electric Drive System, attended the ceremony and received the award on behalf of the company.

Carbingo, a car review platform established in December 2014, carries out both subjective and objective evaluation of the car EDS, which includes the output power density, output torque density and WLTC overall efficiency of the assembly, vehicle power consumption/curb weight (kW/100km/kg), as well as 0-100 km/h acceleration/maximum speed, and conducts field tests and physical car tests. Finally, the Top 10 EDS are selected.

Since the very beginning, NIO has established an EDS team with full-stack in-house development and manufacturing capabilities.So far, NIO has already seen over 600,000 high-performance EDS assembly rolling off the line. NIO ET7 is equipped with dual motors powering both front and rear. Its front permanent magnetic synchronous motor reaches the peak power of 180kW thanks to its application of SiC module and upgrades in multiple techniques, achieving an efficiency of or above 91.5% and bringing the vehicle range up by 4%. Its rear asynchronous induction motor, with the highest power of 300kW, takes the overall torque to 850 N·m at its maximum and 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph.

Based on its full-stack in-house development and manufacturing capabilities, NIO’s EDS team will continue to facilitate technological innovation, improve product quality and contribute to better user experience.