NIO's 400,000th Electric Drive System Rolls off the Production Line


On March 10, NIO's 400,000th electric drive system (EDS) officially rolled off the assembly line. The management teams of the ES & EI departments and colleagues in the factory witnessed this important moment together onsite in Nanjing. It took NIO more than three years to produce 100,000 EDS in July 2020, eight months to pass the 200,000 mark in March 2021, seven months for the 300,000th EDS to roll off the production line in October 2021, while only five months to reach 400,000 this year.

This is due to the team's excellent capabilities of technological innovation, advanced manufacturing, quality control and efficient supply chain collaboration: under the guidance of the five-year strategic plan of EDS industrialization, the intelligent manufacturing planning and engineering teams of ES &EI have optimized the process development management, standardized the EDS assembly process and customized the production line. While ensuring the upgrade of the existing production lines of the Nanjing factory, the team has also accelerated the 600,000-unit capacity ramp-up schedule of the F2 in Hefei. Taking the 2021“Quality Year” as an opportunity, the quality team has strengthened the quality management responsibilities of each position, improved the quality standardization control system, and solved a series of quality issues affecting R&D, production operations and the user end. The supply chain team takes "supply assurance is our mission" as its slogan, and goes all out in fields like material assurance, risk management, production-sales linkage, etc. It has participated in hundreds of supply assurance meetings, issued risk reports, regularly released requirements, guided long-term stocking, and coordinated between the supply and production schedules, providing us with strong support in the post-pandemic era.

In the roll-off ceremony, outstanding teams and individuals were also commended. Outstanding Team Awards went to EDS equipment maintenance team, and G2.X EDS assembly line 2 production team. G2.X Production Line Special Contribution Awards went to ten colleagues including Zhiguo WANG, Mingwu Xie, Walon Wu, etc. Excellent Employee Awards went to Changsong Ou, Guibing Jin, Qingwang Sun, etc. Field Quality Awards went to ten colleagues including Yanyu Yang, Huachao Xie, Yuchun Yin, etc. We believe that as role models, they will provide strong support for the next 100,000 EDS target, at the same time, the opening of the NIO EDS & R&D Prototype &Test Center, lay a solid foundation for the realization of NIO’s globalized and standardized EDS factory.