Focus on 2020 Beijing Auto Show - XPT Provides Dual Motor Solutions for High-end Electric Vehicles


2020 Beijing Auto Show has just come to an end. Statistical data shows that about 40% of new vehicles appearing at this year's Beijing Auto Show are new energy ones. Mr. Zeng Shuxiang, CEO of XPT, a leading company in the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry, was invited by the organizer of Beijing Auto Show SAE Forum to share the high-end EV powertrain equipped with PM Motor and IM Motor, introducing NIO and particularly XPT to more people.

XPT, a subsidiary of NIO Group, was founded in 2015. So far, it has gradually developed into an independent company headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. As a user-oriented company, it is committed to creating an electric, intelligent and lightweight powertrain platform aimed to use technology to upgrade the way human travels. Since its founding, XPT has been committed to becoming a global technology-driven brand, providing clients with more environmentally friendly, more efficient and safer intelligent powertrain solutions, so as to promote the commercialization and development of new energy and electric vehicles.

""Can it be 0.1 second faster than Tesla?"" XPT was founded to benchmark with the industry giant Tesla from the outset," said Zeng Shuxiang. In order to achieve the goal of speeding up to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, XPT searched all possible partners in the market, but failed, and finally embarked on the road of independent research and development.

In 2017, the first NIO ES8 equipped with XPT's proprietary EDS, weighing 2.46 tons without load, and capable of speeding up to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, was officially put into the domestic market. Now, the product supply chain independently developed by XPT has included EDS and its core components, such as PM Motor, IM Motor, gearbox and PEU, covering core parts required by electric vehicles. Besides, XPT has strong R&D capability and supporting resources from USA and Europe.

Zeng Shuxiang's evaluation of XPT's AMTEC-Nanjing comes down to top technology, high intelligence, high automation and advanced manufacturing. Three years after the plant was built, XPT delivered 40,408 high-power (more than 150kW) three-in-one EDS in 2019, ranking first in China. From January to August this year, 44,830 units of EDS were delivered, strengthening its status as a real leader of the high-performance EDS market.

The best combination of high-end electric vehicles: "PM Motor + IM Motor"

This forum also mentioned the "single motor is playing hooligans" topic which caused heated discussion in the industry some time ago. As to this topic, Zeng Shuxiang once again explained that in the current technical conditions, PM Motor + IM Motor should be the core configuration of high-end electric vehicles because PM Motor + IM Motor can complement each other's advantages.

XPT's 240kW IM Motor is the only high-power IM Motor three-in-one system in China, which carries such forward-looking power technologies as the world's first dual three-phase topology inverter, the first domestic mass-production copper rotor technology, and 15,000 RPM high-performance reducer, ensuring a strong and stable power output. Equipped with the domestic first 160kW PM Motor using flat wire stator technology, gears modified on both sides, and the industry's only gearbox supporting for bi-direction rotation, XPT's 240kW lightweight IM Motor brings more lasting endurance performance.

Compared with the dual PM Motors developed by most companies, the PM Motor + IM Motor scheme adopted by XPT results in longer driving range without drag loss effect. Taking into consideration both explosive force and durability, the combination of dual motors proves to be the best one for high-end electric vehicles to achieve high performance and long driving range.

Compared with the use of single motor, the use of dual motors not only generates higher performance, but also ensures safer operations. Each of the two motors can be a "standby" system of the other. After all, the failure probability of two motors is far lower than that of one motor. When one motor fails on the road, the other can still support normal driving. As Qin Lihong, President of NIO, said before, "NIO has never had a car stop on the road because of the failure of two motors. When one motor is broken, the other motor will work properly to bring you to a safe place.

At present, XPT's annual production capacity has reached 300,000 units. The remaining space of XPT's factory is sufficient to double the production capacity, meaning that XPT's maximum annual production capacity is expected to exceed 600,000 units. Zeng Shuxiang said that the two motors are not only supplied to NIO, but also open to the global market. According to relevant information, potential clients from overseas are interested in placing orders with XPT for electric vehicles that needs strong power output, which is conducive to driving the upgrading of "made in China".