XPT Intelligent E-propulsion Platform

Provide advanced technology and solutions for next generation propulsion transportation

Advanced Technology Components and Solutions

Electrified, Light-weight, Intelligent

Reliable, Efficient, Eco-friendly

Electric Drive System

Perfect Combination Delivers Power and Strength.

Installed on NIO ES8, ES6 & EC6

Superior Power High Torque Extreme Rotation
  • Integration

    Highly Integrated E-motor,
    Power Electronic Unit, and Gearbox

  • Extreme Rotation

    Peak Speed up to 15,000 r/min

100-300 kW,Equipped with High-performance Induction Motor

100-300 kW

Equipped with High-performance Induction Motor

100-200 kW,Equipped with High-efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor

100-200 kW

Equipped with High-efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor

Energy Storage System

Light-weight, Dynamic Energy with Efficiency

Installed on NIO ES8, ES6 & EC6

High Energy Density Extended Life Cycle Real-time Monitoring
  • Safe

    Multiple Mechanism

    Highest Standard

  • Smart

    Compatible Charging Modes

    Swappable Battery Technology

  • Intelligent

    Battery Real-Time Monitoring

    Liquid Cooling System

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